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Luxury Villa For Rent
Surin Beach, THB 25,500 /daily [R830]
Nai Thon, THB 45,000 /daily [R829]
Surin Beach, THB 37,000 /daily [R801]
Surin Beach, THB 68,150 /daily [R98]
Property Services

Welcome to D.V.Phuket Property Services also offers property management, - we can manage your property investment safely and ensure your property is maintained as a desirable place for you to live as well as protect your investment. We dedicate ourselves to consistently serving our customers with understand in individual needed or either your community with highest levels experience, knowledge, and ethics.
D.V.Phuket Property Services is able to offer a wide range of services in it areas of experience. We can serve your every property management need either work is big or small - we are flexible, hard working and friendly.

Our Services

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   › Home, villa and apartment/condo care
   › Estate Project management
   › Cleaning services

Property Agency
Sellers and Landlords

  • Display and promote your property. Connect with a growing worldwide link network.
  • List your property for Free - we will advertise it in our office records and Advertise it on our website for Free

Buyers and Renters

  • Whatever kind of property you are looking for in Phuket we can find it for you – with superior service, honest advice, no attitude and a big smile. We provide honest and sound advice regarding all aspects of any property you consider to buy or rent, Our services also for holiday rental, short term rental, long term rental, houses rent, villas rent, condominium rent and management property regardless of its size or price. Our clients love our service for these reasons, and we invite you to try us also.

Home, villa and apartment/condo care
What we do for you
To manage property for optimum efficiency

  • Conduct regular onsite inspection.
  • General property care service
  • Pool maintenance
  • Maid and cleaning services
  • Garden landscaping, maintenance and nursery
  • Look after tenants payment and deposits
  • Check-in/ check-out service
  • Prepare rental agreement
  • Make utility payments on your behalf and send you an itemized
  • Shopping-upon our clients request, purchase groceries and source
  • Reporting of any current or possible problem with quote to repair.
  • Cooperate repair and figured work/ plumbing and electric works
  • 24 hour call service
  • Pest control

Estate Project Management - Common area management
What we do for you

  • Conduct regular inspections of Association  property
  • Coordinate the operation, maintenance and upkeep of all common element facilities
  • Solicit bids, negotiate services agreements and issue work orders to maintenance contractors
  • Investigate and document all accidents occurring on Association property
  • Enforce community covenants, conditions, restrictions and bylaws
  • Ensure Association’s compliance with government regulations.

Finance and Accounting

  • Organize/ prepare to open bank account’s Association.
  • Bill and collect from unit owner membership all assessments levied by the Association
  • Coordinate deposit of assessments and other receivables into Association bank accounts
  • Review and approve all contractor invoices prior to payment
  • Prepare and submit monthly and annual financial reports
  • Prepare Association’s annual operations budget
  • Provided owners with monthly and year-end statements


  • Assist the Board with organization of directors’ and membership meetings.
  • Coordinate recording and transcription of meeting minutes
  • Obtain necessary insurance coverage for Association property
  • Prepare and submit annual reports, forms and fees as required by state agencies
  • Maintain all administrative records of the Association in accordance with.
  • Prepare and provided document to owner transfer unit.

Cleaning services  - Upon client request.

  • Special cleaning-After guest check out /   Very deep clean in each space.
  • Regularly  cleaning (One a month/ One a week)
  • Laundry service

Should you interest / require additional services and if any question concerning each item, we are welcome to send us enquiry to let us know your property need and to have a meeting with you. we invite you to try as well.